Skip Bayless: Tony Pollard is Better Than Christian McCaffrey

Christian McCaffrey
Christian McCaffrey / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

Christian McCaffrey is playing postseason football for only the second time in his entire career. That's great news for all of us because McCaffrey is absolutely electric when healthy and there's nothing better than a game-changer changing the game during the NFL playoffs. His presence during this postseason will also serve as a reminder for everyone who may have forgotten just how good McCaffrey is after he spent the last few years banged-up or playing on terrible teams.

It seems like Skip Bayless is one of those people because he said Tony Pollard was better than McCaffrey on Undisputed today.

Even for Bayless and his rampant homerism regarding the Dallas Cowboys this is a comical take. Pollard is good and everything but McCaffrey made an All-Pro team as the best dual-threat running back the league has seen since arguably Marshall Faulk. Even if that's a bit too rich for your tastes (which would be understandable) McCaffrey's dominance out of the backfield is undeniable.

I can throw all sorts of numbers at you but some might incorrectly favor Pollard due to fewer games and touches so I will simply argue this -- McCaffrey can make something out of nothing pretty much every time he has the ball. We've seen it constantly. When he does have room to work it's curtains for the defense. Pollard can do all that but he can't do it every time. Or, at least, we haven't seen it yet. All of this is anecdotal and yet those who know ball agree.

Maybe the Cowboys will give Pollard a shot to be their McCaffrey soon once they finally accept that Ezekiel Elliott is not that good. I wouldn't hold my breath.