Skip Bayless to Skip Bayless: "You are the man!! Love the New Show on FS1!!!!


FS1 thought leader and avowed Dallas Cowboys fan Skip Bayless rebounded from his Jerry Jones-induced revulsion enough to watch Sunday night’s game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He showcased a diligent work ethic by participating in a Facebook Live stream during the 26-20 victory. During the event, he showed why he’s at the top of his industry by finding time to like his own content in the comments section.

We live in a fractured world where not every consumer wants to sit at the fountain of Bayless takes and drink deeply. He’ll surely get a bit of blowback for this awkward Inception-style self-aggrandizing.

But, hey, sometimes the hustle goes too far. Let he who has not retweeted themselves or created a faux fan account to push content cast the first stone.

A dark reality of the media game is that sometimes the people, well, they don’t click. Sometimes the RTs and likes go dry. It’s in these harrowing times that a bit of manufactured praise from the inside can prove valuable.