Skip Bayless Would Die For Tim Tebow and His 'All-Time Intangibles'

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe
Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe /

Tim Tebow Football Discourse has re-entered all of our lives, and we're collectively worse off for it. Takes of the worst magnitude have emerged. Nine years have passed since Tebow last played a regular-season game. Six years since he was on anybody's roster. They were blissful, those times, but now that Tebow is giving tight end the old college try at age 33 with Urban Meyer and the Jacksonville Jaguars, those times have come to an end.

Skip Bayless, on the other hand, is ecstatic about the turn of events. He has historically been a big Tebow guy. We all forgot because the baseball version of Tebow doesn't drive nearly the same level of discussion and engagement as the football version, and Bayless hasn't talked about him in years. But now Tebow is back on the sports talk menu, and Bayless is feasting.

For three straight days, Bayless has not sung but screamed the praises of Tebow. It all began on Monday, when Bayless proclaimed Tebow's "all-time intangibles" make this a brilliant move. He even went all-caps, AP headline-style to say all Tebow does is win.

This was the onus for a Tebow segment on Tuesday's edition of Undisputed in which Bayless got very worked up over the idea that this is just a ploy to sell more tickets by the Jags. He once again hammered the idea that the former Heisman Trophy winner is just a guy who wins.

Which finally brings us to today. Bayless said he laughed about the report that not everybody in the Jaguars building was on board with this and spoke in wonder about the Tim Tebow Effect.

I suppose Bayless does have a point in that last segment. There really aren't many athletes like Tim Tebow who can rile up every sector of the sports crowd through his sheer presence. However, to act like we don't know why is ridiculous. Tebow makes everyone's blood boil because he stinks at football! And kept getting jobs based on name recognition and name recognition only!

People do not hate Tim Tebow because of who he is. I don't even think many people hate Tim Tebow at all. What people hate is the media circus that comes attached to his name and the fact that apparently every football coach in the country is enamored with him for reasons nobody can understand.

They also hate analysts like Bayless going to bat for him. Yes, Tebow won a lot in college. That was over a decade ago! If all he did was win, he wouldn't have washed out of the NFL in less than four years. To hear Bayless tell it, the Broncos should have won the Super Bowl in 2011 with Tebow's all-time intangibles instead of getting obliterated on national TV by the Patriots. The last time he won anything of note, Bayless was still chopping it up with Stephen A. Smith on ESPN.

This is just the beginning, too. There's not a lot of NFL-related content to discuss over the next few months. Tebow's name gives Bayless months of fodder. Buckle up, folks.