Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe Argue if Michael Jordan or LeBron James Would Win in a Game of HORSE

Shannon Sharpe
Shannon Sharpe /

In their most recent effort to keep basketball on everybody's mind, the NBA is discussing putting on a virtual HORSE tournament with the league's star players. While the logistics of something like that will take time to work out, that didn't stop Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe from using the idea as a launching pad for their eternally-raging Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James debate.

Predictably, Bayless argued LeBron had no chance, while Sharpe believes The King would walk away with the win thanks to Jordan's Lonzo Ball-esque 3-point percentage.

For all of Bayless' crowing about LeBron's free throw percentage, he is correct. LeBron was shooting 69 percent from the line before the season was postponed and has hit only 73 percent from the charity stripe for his career. Jordan shot 83 percent from the line during his years in the league, and in his worst season hit 78 percent of his free throws.

However, I'm more inclined to believe this hypothetical game of HORSE would never end. Have you ever seen an NBA player shooting in an open gym? They basically don't miss. LeBron and Jordan, widely accepted as the two greatest players to grace the parquet, could likely spend 24 hours on an empty court and miss only a handful of times if they put their mind to it.

Jordan wasn't a good 3-point shooter, sure, but he's also perhaps the most manically competitive person to ever play sports. It isn't unbelievable to think he could hit 100 in a row if a win of any kind was on the line. Similarly, LeBron has always struggled from the stripe, but I wouldn't bet against him if it came down to it. He's still LeBron James.

It's the classic case of an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. Although if LeBron broke out something like this, I call it curtains for MJ.