Skip Bayless Really Pushing Tom Brady Retirement Narrative

Tom Brady
Tom Brady / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

There is a chance we've seen Tom Brady play his last professional football game. As difficult as that is to believe. He didn't rule out retirement when speaking to reporters after his season-ending loss at the hands of the Los Angeles Rams and posted an emotional Instagram that addressed the rumors and thanked everyone in the organization for their hard work this year.

It is far from a foregone conclusion that Brady will walk away, but the evidence is mounting for the first time ever that he's giving it serious thought. Skip Bayless added to it yesterday when he reported the Bucs would be "surprised" if Brady returned in 2022.

Bayless is now taking things even further and acting like Brady already announced his retirement. If you were watching Undisputed without any other context, you wouldn't know any better. Skip is already giving Brady his send-off speeches and everything.

It's... a little weird, if we're being honest! Were it not for his Twitter meltdown after Tampa Bay lost to the Rams you'd almost think Bayless wants Brady to retire.

But in taking a step back one realizes it is not that. It's the overwhelming pursuit of Being First that plagues sports media personified. When you take that drive and combine it with Skip Bayless, the nation's premier hot take artist, this is what you get. A retirement tour for a guy who has not given any indication he will retire.