If We Tell Skip Bayless He's Correct, Will He Stop?

Skip Bayless makes a lot of good points.
Skip Bayless makes a lot of good points. / Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Skip Bayless continues his crusade to prove the point Dak Prescott is a better quarterback than Patrick Mahomes. Here he is this morning, dressed like The Joker on the way to commit a crime, explaining why he believes this to an increasingly exasperated Shannon Sharpe.

On his first point, that the AFC West was weak this year: okay, sure. The three non-Kansas City teams combined for 19 wins-- which is almost as few as the non-Cowboys NFC East teams, which earned 17. Bayless then admitted Mahomes is better at throwing lefthanded than Prescott, because Prescott apparently doesn't need to do that to achieve the ultimate goal of winning five fewer games than the Chief. Sorry, make that seven fewer games, with one left to play.

There were other points, but you know what? I've lost interest in enumerating them.

Instead, let's focus on something else. What if -- and it's tough to stomach -- we can all collectively agree to concede this point to Bayless? As a society we can band together and say, 'Sure, man. Spot on.' What would happen then?

Would he lose some of his power? And yes, I realize I am giving him some by even addressing his nonsensical points in a blog post. There's a difference in outright ignoring squeaky wheels and rewarding them with the oil they are so thirsty to drink. Or just telling them they're absolutely correct. Whatever.

When we see people ranting and raving outside a bus station, we don't endeavor to engage. We simply concede that, in their mind, whatever they're saying makes perfect sense and go about our day. There's little reason to inject facts or reason into the make-believe landscape they've created.

So say it with me. Skip Bayless is right. There is no reason to push back on his arguments. Let us raise our voices in unison and see what happens.

There is something a bit sad about the better quarterback sitting at home this weekend as the other guy plays for a Super Bowl, but hey, facts are facts.