Skip Bayless Knew This Was Coming the Moment Patrick Mahomes Started Throwing Fancy Passes

Kansas City Chiefs v Tennessee Titans
Kansas City Chiefs v Tennessee Titans / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

The time is now for an open and candid conversation regarding what the hell is going on with Patrick Mahomes. His Kansas City Chiefs scored a grand total of three points while getting curb-stomped by the Tennessee Titans yesterday. Mahomes himself left the game with an injury, though he's expected to be good to go next week. The once-unstoppable Chiefs are in real danger of missing out on the playoffs entirely if this downward trend lasts another month. And for all the bold preseason predictions flying around, very few could see this coming.

Theories about Mahomes suddenly being sapped of his powers like the Monstars were in town are flying around and savvy football minds are approaching it from a variety of angles. There does seem to be at least some credence to the idea that professional athletes and coaches can catch up to dominant players with time and study as even the best quarterbacks and offensive systems have warts.

Skip Bayless spent hours in the lab searching for a rock-solid answer to the confusing question and emerged with this masterpiece on this morning's Undisputed.

Bayless says Mahomes has become a caricature of himself. That it's classic modern times, what with the Internet and the highlights and all that. He believes Mahomes is trying to live up to his own image and failing. Something Bayless would have you believe he foresaw when the quarterback dared to spend a few practice reps throwing from unusual angles. That becoming a football-playing version of a Harlem Globetrotter is never a good thing.

Mahomes can take some solace in the fact Bayless thinks he's "a good kid."

Bayless will get a reaction and he leaves himself with a few options. First, he can continue to beat the drum if KC loses. Or he can point to Mahomes not throwing fancy passes as a reason they start winnings. All the while everyone with some brain activity understands this was never the real problem to begin with.

Great work, and well worth it financially, if you can get it.