Skip Bayless: Pat Riley's Experience Will Push Heat to Title, But Grizzlies Will Win Multiple


The NBA Playoffs start this weekend so it's time to get all your picks in. On Undisputed today Skip Bayless announced he has the Miami Heat beating the Memphis Grizzlies in the NBA Finals this year. The deciding factor for Skip will be Pat Riley's experience, which will be pretty crazy because the only thing he does during the games these days is sit in the stands and watch.

Picking the top seed in the Eastern Conference to win the Finals isn't that crazy. Skip's real hot take comes in the second half of this short clip when he says that not only will the Grizzlies return to the NBA Finals, but they're going to do it often and win multiple championships.

"The Grizz are going to get back to several finals and they will win them. They might win two or three titles before Ja is finished with this group."

Even more surprising is that Shannon Sharpe just kind of agreed with him. While Jar Morant and the Grizzlies have had a great season, Skip is talking potential dynasty. Two or three titles with one group would at least put Memphis in the same class as the Stephen Curry Warriors or the LeBron James Heat or Cavaliers teams. That's pretty high praise. And definite bulletin board material for any other up and coming team that might stand in the Grizzlies way.