Skip Bayless: Odell Beckham Jr. Was Most Overhyped Free Agent in NFL History

OBJ / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

Odell Beckham Jr.'s career with the Los Angeles Rams has been... fine thus far. In five games he has notched 16 catches on 28 targets for 211 yards and three touchdowns. The Rams have gone 3-2 since signing the talented wideout. The production hasn't been super impressive but all things considered it's still free money for Los Angeles, who inked OBJ to a contract close to the veteran minimum in the middle of the season without having to give up anybody.

Context like that matters not to Skip Bayless, who absolutely had to take the pedestal on Undisputed this morning to loudly declare that Beckham Jr. was the most overhyped free agent in the history of football.

Even for a man who makes an obscene amount of money due to his skills in hyperbole, this is a bit much. It's been five games. In a brand-new system. With a brand-new quarterback. I am unsure what Bayless expected here, but OBJ notching three touchdowns in five games is pretty good all things considered!

Bayless did choose a good battleground because it is hard to remember any free agents who were overhyped. This is because any free agent who was hyped going into their free agency and proceeded to disappoint was almost immediately forgotten and hype is not quantifiable. Not yet, anyway. Like, I remember people were real excited about Nnamdi Asomugha (who is now listed as an "American actor" on Google) and he stunk it up when he came to the Eagles. Albert Haynesworth is perhaps the most infamous free agency disappointment, but was he more "hyped" than OBJ? Impossible to say, and thus impossible to prove Bayless wrong.

Every now and again, I emerge from one of these posts thoroughly impressed with the skill in which Bayless navigates these hot take waters. This is one of them. The man has found a hot-button topic, hammered it to the extreme, and leaves behind no way to discredit his thoughts. Artistry at work.