Does FS1 Need to Give Skip Bayless a Sports Courtroom Show to Justify His Salary?

Skip Bayless on 'Undisputed.'
Skip Bayless on 'Undisputed.' /

Skip Bayless is apparently in very high demand these days. Last week we learned that ESPN had tried to lure the co-host of FOX Sports 1's Skip and Shannon: Undisputed back to Bristol for a reunion with Stephen A. Smith. Instead, FOX convinced him to stay by giving him a new 4-year $32 million contract to stay.

So what now? How will FOX Sports justify paying Skip Bayless $8 million a year as he enters his 70's? Well, just know they're kicking around some fresh ideas. One of those ideas, according to Michael McCarthy of Front Office Sports, is a "faux courtroom show" similar to Judge Judy that could air on weekday afternoons.

If this sounds familiar, it's because you've watched Arrested Development and remember Mock Trial with J. Reinhold. Or you were a Quibi subscriber and saw Chrissy's Court.

According to McCarthy, the show would give younger FS1 talking heads a chance to show off their debating chops. Persumably, this could be the way that the network - or Bayless himself - picks an eventual successor as the most opinionated person in sports when he finally decides to retire to the Mount Rushmore of Hot Takers.

Perhaps the infusion of newer voices will help Skip draw a bigger audience than he has on Undisputed.

Maybe this explains why the Judge Skip show has a decent shot of actually existing. You cannot continue to pay Bayless this kind of money to work out and create content for sports blogs. They need to capitalize on his high profile to prop up the next generation of FOX Sports talent while they can. Otherwise, what are they doing?