Skip Bayless is Making Idiotic Points About Jordan vs. LeBron on NFL Opening Day


I’ll give Skip Bayless one thing: he sticks to his storylines. He’s a misguided nitwit, but he sticks to his storylines.

On the dawn of the 100th NFL season kick-off, a few hours before Aaron Rodgers takes on the Chicago Bears, Bayless fell back on one of his old tropes– explaining why Michael Jordan is better than LeBron James.

But wait! Skip has some new intel to share with all of us: Jordan was born the GOAT and LeBron wasn’t.

Allow me to introduce to you Dr. Skip Bayless.

This is really hardcore stuff here. Skip got his hands on the birth reports from Jordan and LeBron and, after doctors performed swabs on both of them and recorded the results, Skip discovered, scientifically, that MJ was born with GOAT qualities. Unfortunately for him, LeBron was not. Fascinating.

And yet, I’d be remiss if I neglected to mention the training Jordan went through and the hours he put in the gym to go from not making his varsity basketball team as a sophomore to being the GOAT a decade later. Or how about the improvement he made in his shot from his high-flying days in the 80s to his deadly step-back game in the 90s. I mean, training was probably important in that development, but clearly not as important as what he was born with.

As for LeBron, he’s clearly not as driven as Jordan. There’s no “fire”, as Skip put it, burning inside him to be the best. He was just born a natural athlete and that’s why he’s good. No, only Jordan and Ali had that, not Tiger or Gretzky or Federer or anyone else, and clearly, they were born with it. It’s science.