Skip Bayless Goes In On Patrick Mahomes

Jamie Squire/GettyImages

The fourth episode of the Skip Bayless Show is live and Friday mornings are becoming increasingly more exciting over here as we are treated to his latest thoughts. The main character in today's installment is Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who is really good. Or so people would have you think. Bayless isn't quite sure and he provides a lengthy and pointed dissertation into his lingering doubts.

Among the highlights:

"He has gotten away with spectacular gambles that have this year, for the first time, started to backfire on him."

"I can get away with it because my coach loves me, my coach blesses me. My coach spoils me. My coach loves this because his coach, Andy Reid, loves to polish his own ego by playing with his toy that he went up in the draft to snatch."

"Are you sure about Patrick Mahomes because I'm not. Has he been spoiled rotten by a head coach who has a much bigger ego than people give it credit for?"

"Patrick has gotten way too full of himself too soon.

Bayless also recounted his memory of Mahomes' 2020 appearance on Undisputed, saying the quarterback requested to come on the show.

"I didn't think it was the classiest way to do business on his part because I'm not sure he deserved to gloat off that Super Bowl," Bayless said.

Points to Skip for his consistency and eye for content, but one has to imagine he's in the extreme minority in terms of Mahomes thought. Few quarterbacks have ever accomplished more at such a young age in such spectacular fashion, so asking the rhetorical what has he ever done question is an interesting choice.