Skip Bayless Falls for Fake Chris Paul/James Harden Report


In the midst of all the notable Chris Paul and James Harden reporting that has been done, Skip Bayless dug up an interesting one that most were unaware of. Bayless cited a report saying that Harden broke down in tears and had to leave practice because Paul was making fun of his “manboobs.” That is quite the scoop. But just who said? No not Woj, but instead a troll reporter named on Twitter, @SportsTalkBarry.

"Sources tell ESPN that Chris Paul repeatedly made fun of James Harden for having "manboobs" during practices over the last 2 seasons. Several times Harden broke down into tears and had to leave the practice facility. No surprise to see Harden wanting Paul out now. — Barry McCockiner (@SportsTalkBar"

It’s never great falling for a troll report. Not to mention when you are one of the biggest stars in sports television. It would be fascinating to know how many fans, and media members, heard this from Bayless and are going to now use it in their next basketball debate. I can see it now: “Yeah, but Steph Curry doesn’t make fun of his teammates’ chests.”

Moments like this have to give so much hope to internet trolls around the world, right?

Here are more scoops from the now famous troll, Barry McCockiner:

"Sources close to the Rockets tell ESPN that tension between the two started on a team flight last season when Harden farted in Chris Paul's face while Paul was sleeping. This resulted in Paul getting pink-eye. — Barry McCockiner (@SportsTalkBarry) June 18, 2019"

"The relationship between Harden & Paul had become so strained that Paul would refer to Harden as "James Hard-On" around teammates, usually eliciting laughs. This deeply irritated Harden, a source tells ESPN. — Barry McCockiner (@SportsTalkBarry) June 18, 2019"

Be careful out there, folks.