Drip Bayless Has Reached His Final Form in Miami

Skip 'Drip' Bayless
Skip 'Drip' Bayless /

Say what you might about Skip Bayless: the man likes to have fun. That certainly has not changed as the Undisputed host traipsed around Miami in the week leading up to Super Bowl LIV.

Some on the internet enjoy calling him "Drip Bayless" for the various pictures of his fly outfits and shoes that he enjoys posting on Twitter. Well, there has never been a, uh... drippier version of Drip Bayless than what we've seen from him in Miami. I mean, look at this:

My man is 68 and looking spry as ever. The intense gaze does make me a little uncomfortable, but I guess he's gotta strike a pose for his nearly-three million Twitter followers.

Bayless hasn't held back on the shoes, either:

And who doesn't like to make a dramatic entrance?

He even got to take a joyride in Lil Wayne's Lambo. I don't envy many parts of Bayless' job, but this is a perk I would be very interested in.

On top of all that, he's embracing his other alter egos:

Drip Bayless is living his best life in South Beach this week.