Skip Bayless Says Dillon Brooks 'Deserved to Be Swung On' For Dirty Plays vs. Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers v Houston Rockets
Los Angeles Lakers v Houston Rockets / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

Last night brought NBA fans the latest episode of the Dillon Brooks Show and it delivered. Brooks did his usual antagonizing throughout his Houston Rockets' victory over the Los Angeles Lakers. He even managed to bait his opponent enough to draw an ejection. Brooks shoved Jarred Vanderbilt in the back as the forward went up for a dunk in the second quarter, leading to retaliation from Vanderbilt a few plays later that culminated in flicking Brooks' ear. He was tossed for that.

This was merely the first of Brooks' many acts of the evening. He spent all game going at LeBron James, which didn't end well during the playoffs last year but for a guy like Brooks there is never a lesson to be learned. Anyway, LeBron was unperturbed by the antics until the fourth quarter. Brooks went up for a contested rebound with James and then brought his arm down hard right into The King's face. He was down for a few minutes and Brooks was assessed a flagrant foul.

It was a classic Brooks night and this time it even ended in a victory for his team. However, Skip Bayless thought he went too far and said Brooks deserved "to be swung on" for the way he was acting. The Undisputed host made it clear that he was not advocating for someone to punch Brooks but back in the day he would've inevitably caught one.

You know what they say about broken clocks. Bayless is right and everyone should agree with him! Brooks is an instigator and all professional instigators deserve a good smack. That is the whole purpose of what they're doing. They act like people who are crusin' for a bruisin' in order to gain an edge for their team.

Since we're on the topic I have to say Brooks is at the very top of the list of guys who will actually end up getting punched at some point. The fact that it hasn't happened to Patrick Beverley yet is remarkable but he's past his prime as an instigator. Nobody will ever punch Draymond Green because it is way easier and more beneficial to bait him into doing something stupid. Those are the only two guys in Brooks' stratosphere as on-court annoyances that flirt with dirty play, so that leaves the Rockets forward as the most likely candidate.

It seems Bayless can't wait to see the day.