Skip Bayless: Deion Sanders Would Win Multiple Super Bowls as Head Coach of Cowboys

Deion Sanders
Deion Sanders / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

It's Deion Sanders' world and we're all just living in it. For now, anyway. The man known as Coach Prime spent all offseason telling anyone who would listen that his Colorado team was going to be just as good as his Jackson State teams. Better, even. Such claims were met with a healthy dose of skepticism from most while the rest staked their claim on either side of the aisle, proclaiming Prime was destined for greatness/would be a bust.

The games finally started last week and it turns out Sanders wasn't completely full of it. Led by a pair of electrifying performances by his quarterback and son, Shedeur, the Buffaloes edged by TCU in Week 1 before destroying Nebraska this past weekend to start the year at 2-0. Colorado is ranked No. 18 in the country and will continue to rocket up the AP polls if things continue. It's a long season but the Deion Sanders hype already feels like it's bursting through the roof.

Skip Bayless is an unashamed Sanders fanboy (probably the Sanders fanboy in sports media) and dedicated a segment of his eponymous podcast to Prime on Monday. He looped in his other favorite thing, the Dallas Cowboys, and combined the two to create a take-- if Deion Sanders ended up coaching America's Team, there would be multiple Super Bowl titles won.

As you can tell from the cover photo of this post and anytime Sanders steps in front of a microphone, he's got the vibe down at least. Loud trash talk and a cowboy hat. He'd be the avatar of Dallas fans everywhere.

While I acknowledge that most people have said this about Sanders at many points since he decided to enter the coaching sphere, none of this will happen. He could very well end up rising to the professional ranks but the likelihood he'd want to work with Jerry Jones is... low. Dating back to his playing days Sanders has answered to one man and one man only-- Deion Sanders. Everywhere he goes is the Prime Show. He could pull that off in Atlanta, maybe, but not in Dallas where the Jones family will always be the biggest name in town. And no Super Bowl can be won if everyone involved isn't working harmoniously.

However, if it did happen, Bayless might faint on live television. So it could be worth rooting for this future on that possibility alone.