Skip Bayless: Ezekiel Elliott is Killing Cowboys, Dak Prescott Can Match Tom Brady in Big Games

By Geoff Magliocchetti

Much like his FS1 colleague Colin Cowherd, Skip Bayless believes the Dallas Cowboys are about to become the Golden State Warriors. But whereas Cowherd feels they're headed toward a Mark Jackson-esque fate with no championships, Bayless feels the opposite.

In debating with Shannon Sharpe on Wednesday's episode of Undisputed, Bayless believes that Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott can eventually "match" his Sunday opponent Tom Brady, he of six Super Bowl titles.

"Since day one of this show, dating to 2016, I have sat over here and I have told that Dak Prescott is Brady-esque," Bayless declares. He's quick to clarify that he doesn't believe that Prescott will surpass the eventual Hall-of-Famer, but believes he could have a similar resume when all is said and done.

"He will never be Brady, because there's only one of those guys. But he is Brady-esque in that you can compare him to Tom Brady in a few categories."

When Sharpe demands proof and examples, Bayless cites "leadership intangibles" and "big stage, big game playmaking".

"All he's done in his first three years...Dak Prescott led the NFL in game-winning drives," Bayless says. "So I think, given the opportunities in bigger, bigger stages, he can match Tom Brady in clutchness because Tom Brady's the clutchest athlete I've ever seen because he's had so many opportunities."

Sharpe counters by bringing up Prescott's playoff track record. The Dallas quarterback has gone to the playoff in two of his three seasons at the helm, but has failed to advance past the divisional round. Bayless objects by declaring Prescott hasn't had enough opportunities yet with a 1-2 playoff record.

The debate about Prescott's potential Brady-inspired future wasn't the only strong Dallas Cowboy take Bayless had during Wednesday's edition. Earlier in the show, he spoke out against the recent performances of running back Ezekiel Elliott.

Elliott ranks eighth in the league with 833 yards, but has earned just 92 yards over the past two games, averaging 2.6 yards a carry in that span. Bayless, simply put, has had enough, especially after owner Jerry Jones insisted that the team had to continue to "feed" Elliott carries.

"Jerry Jones, you're walking a dangerous path here," Bayless warns. "You're speaking out publicly...with your pride and your wallet. Because Jerry Jones is the one that gave Ezekiel Elliott $90 million total. $50 million guaranteed. He made Ezekeil Elliott, by far, the highest paid running back in the history of this game. Lately, he's been giving you, by his standards, 50-cent games. And Jerry, I believe, is starting to worry, 'Did I get taken for a ride by that guy?'"

With the Cowboys sitting a 6-4 and in control of their own destiny when it comes to an NFC playoff spot, and even the possibility of hosting a home game with the East division title on the line, there's little hope of Bayless' daily Dallas diatribes coming to an end any time soon. After Sunday's visit to New England, the Cowboys play three more team in playoff contention, including a crucial division showdown on December 22 in Philadelphia, the penultimate game of the season.