You Don't Want This Skip Bayless Video on Your Browser History


The Philadelphia Eagles remained undefeated by handing Cooper Rush his first loss as a starter on Sunday. It appears we can put to rest all of those sports shouting segments earnestly debating if Dak Prescott should get his job back when healthy enough to return. That's the good news. The bad news is that today is going to be miserable in the aggrieved homer department as some of television's least neutral superstars will have the time and space to make their team's losses about themselves.

Skip Bayless got a head start after the final whistle and Nick Sirriani expletive. We are really not sure who it is for. To be clear we are not judging someone who gets their kicks by watching someone born just after Bobby Thompson won the pennant for the New York Giants do things with the mouth that can only be described as intense. And then refer to the Cowboys as We as if he is a backup cornerback and not someone watching at home mining the lowest common denominator content out of the situation.

This is the type of thing you hope your partner doesn't walk in on you watching. Very tough to explain all the dynamics at play. An immediate clear-the-browser-history situation — which is actually quite rare in the wide world of sports.

One important exception. Eagles fans will probably fire this bad boy up in the break room or virtual break room today, basking in the afterglow and a too-well-lit Bayless. Perhaps the only place it's safe for work.

Anyway, kids, this is how you get to the top of the industry. Good luck!