Skip Bayless Is Turning On the Dallas Cowboys

Skip Bayless
Skip Bayless /

Skip Bayless is noted Dallas Cowboys fan. He has an extensive history with the organization dating back to Jerry Jones' first days as owner when Bayless was on the Cowboys beat. It was a classic point of contention between himself and Stephen A. Smith back in the First Take era.

Nowadays, Bayless sits on the Undisputed set week after week and usually finds something positive to say about Dallas, although he doesn't hold back when he finds something to criticize them for. However, he appears to have reached his breaking point while watching Dallas stumble and fumble on Thanksgiving Day against the Washington Football Team with the division lead on the line. In particular, it seems the fake punt Mike McCarthy ran on 4th and 10 that failed in an epic manner was the straw that broke the talk show host's back.

It's an all-caps meltdown. My favorite!

Great stuff. Truly. Really enjoying every minute of this and I don't even dislike the Cowboys that much. Bayless might have a full-on break when he hits the air next week. I, for one, cannot wait.