Skip Bayless Continuing to Hate on Aaron Rodgers is Great News for the Packers

Ryan Glasspiegel

Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith debated whether or not Aaron Rodgers was out of line to laugh on the sidelines as the Packers were blowing out the Eagles on Sunday. Philadelphia linebacker Brandon Graham said it pissed him off, and other Eagles hoped to meet Rodgers again in the playoffs, a view surely shared by everyone with a stake in the Packers’ success. Bayless said this behavior rubbed him the wrong way, and then criticized Rodgers for losing two home playoff games since winning the Super Bowl, saying that 2011 “feels like eons ago.” Stephen A. Smith yelled opposition a couple times in-between.

The good news is that every time Bayless trolls Rodgers (which, as with LeBron, has been going on for years), the Packers tend to light up their opponents the next week. NOTHING is a better indicator of a huge game by Rodgers than that. A few weeks ago, Bayless ripped the fake spike versus Dolphins, and Rodgers went 19-22 for 255 yards and three touchdowns as Packers beat Panthers 38-17 later that week. The Packers should find a clandestine way to put Bayless on their payroll.

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