Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe Pointlessly Debate Whether Aaron Donald Is the NFL's Best Player


Skp Bayless and Shannon Sharp debate things every day. Today they debated who is the "best" player in the NFL. Shannon, agreeing with Odell Beckham Jr., says Aaron Donald. Skip, agreeing with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, says that Tom Brady is the best player. You'll never believe who won.

That's right! Nobody won! While I'm sure that both Skip and Shannon feel they bested each other in this video, the truth as usual is that there are no winners. This is an impossible debate.

Quarterbacks and defensive linemen may as well be playing different sports. Every football position has such specific and unique skill sets. Not many lineman can punt accurately. Not many wide receivers could protect a quarterback effectively. Not many quarterbacks could make a tackle in the open field. Not even kickers can kick. Do you think the person who does the most things well is the best? Or the person who does the most difficult things the best? And how do you decide what is the most difficult or important when so many things have to go right on any single play for either team to succeed?

This is a classic pointless debate. Basketball is the only sport where every single player has to do the same things. (Shoot, dribble, pass, box out, defend, etc.) Even then we can't come to a consensus on who is the best. Or the more vague "most valuable." How can you hope to determine who is the best football player when every single person has to do such different things. Sure makes for a good debate, though!