Everybody Had a Field Day With Skip Bayless' Angry Cowboys Tweet

Skip Bayless and Lil Wayne
Skip Bayless and Lil Wayne / Jerritt Clark/GettyImages

Skip Bayless has been growing more and more angry with the Dallas Cowboys over the opening days of NFL free agency. Jerry Jones told everybody who could hear last month that America's Team was "all in" for 2024, which sure seemed like a sign of how active Dallas planned to be when the offseason kicked off on March 11. Instead, they've been content to sit on their hands and watch as other teams doled out large amounts of cash for the most talented free agents on the market-- including Tony Pollard, who left the Cowboys for the Tennessee Titans.

There are plenty of data points to suggest that this is actually the most effective way to go about free agency. The first wave where the big contracts are doled out is always exciting but the players signed during that period flop more often than not. Such is the nature of NFL free agency, where the best players never hit the open market so teams with roster weaknesses are left to jostle and overpay largely second-tier players.

But that does not matter to a rabid Cowboys fanbase who last saw their team getting blown out at home in a playoff game to a historic rival. It's also not at all what Jones implied was going to happen.

Bayless angry-tweeted about this on Tuesday night but used some interesting wording that got everybody's attention.

As the great Sterling Archer often said, are we not doing phrasing anymore?

Naturally, because it is Bayless and it's a funny tweet, the internet teed off on this all evening. Below you'll find some of the finer jokes about it.

Is all of it incredibly immature? Yes. Is it a little funny? Also yes. Is Bayless going to get in on the joke and ruin it? You freaking know it.

What will the Cowboys lead Bayless to tweet next? We all wait with bated breath.