Skip Bayless' Aaron Rodgers Troll Game is Beginning to Disappoint

Skip Bayless, Aaron Rodgers
Skip Bayless, Aaron Rodgers /

Skip Bayless is one of the biggest stars in all of sports media and is one of the few individuals that has a profound impact on linear television ratings. However, even LeBron James comes up short on some Thursday nights.

Bayless' plan tonight, as it is most nights Aaron Rodgers is playing, is to trigger football fans and get them to react to his tweets that consist of outlandish takes that nobody else watching could conclude with. The method has been successful in the past, but so has the execution. And if we are being objective, and giving you not what you want to hear, but need to hear, Bayless hasn't been impressive this evening.

Check them out:

Ehh, D+? To be an effective troll you must be funny, cringe-worthy, creative, and polarizing. What you can't be is the kid in the back of the classroom trying to get attention with rehashed burns. When you are seeking attention online, 101 is not to be, well, just annoying. And, these have no juice thus far. Maybe Rodgers will close his eyes, throw a game-winning Hail Mary that Bayless finds reckless, but we can't predict the future.

Bayless has been the master of making you stop, read his tweets, share them, get mad, send them to your buddies, and then set your alarm to watch them broken down the next morning. Yet tonight, they have been so lame, so old, so lackluster they caused me to hit the mute button. No, I didn't go as far as unfollowing.

By the way, what's up with the all caps? He has done this before, but in order to make them worthy of being yelled, they have to be better than this. "Too cool for school?" Is that really hurting any feelings out there? What makes this worrisome is that Bayless is usually on his game during the big sporting nights. This is the clutch gene we are talking about here!

Perhaps he is just rusty. LeBron James did miss the playoffs. Which made things much harder on Bayless. Bayless is a man of schedule and not having James miss some free throws in May and June may have taken him out of the swing of things. It's possible, right? Is James getting a pass for that?

Look, nobody is declaring Bayless done, overrated, washed up, a failure, or no longer at the top of the mountain. But make no mistake about it, these have not been funny, entertaining, or maddening. We deserve and have earned better.