Six Super Bowl Longshot Bets Worth Considering


The Super Bowl is just over 200 days away and gambling is legal in more states than ever so now is a great time to bet on The Big Game. If you put money down on any of the teams listed below, you’ll probably be able to throw out the betting slip by October, but there’s always a chance. A surprise rookie star. A key injury to a rival. A replay review that never ends and results in a favorite giving up. You never know what could happen! So here are five longshots you might want to explore.

Green Bay Packers / Pittsburgh Steelers (20/1)

Two for one? What a deal! They aren’t favorites, but they are very public teams. They are at the top of the middle of the pack when it comes to odds. They are 16 healthy games from their quarterback from probably making the playoffs after missing the postseason last year. Once they are in, they are a serious threat to get through their respective conference. Parlay them to both win the Super Bowl and thank me later.

Jacksonville Jaguars (25/1)

Remember when the Jaguars almost made the Super Bowl two years ago? Now imagine they replaced Blake Bortles with the guy who actually beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl that season. Now imagine that team not winning the Super Bowl.

Seattle Seahawks (40/1)

The Seahawks haven’t had a losing season since Russell Wilson became their quarterback. They’ve only missed the playoffs once in that span. The team played in two Super Bowls and won one and didn’t give it to Marshawn Lynch in the other. They’re like the Packers and Steelers, but a little worse.

Indianapolis Colts (60/1)

Finally, a quality longshot. A week ago they were closer to 12/1. Now they lose one single guy and you can get them at five times the value? Last year, with Andrew Luck they went 10-6 and won a playoff game. This year they’ll be relying on Jacoby Brissett on short notice. What’s not to love!? Who wouldn’t root for the Colts this season? You either feel bad for the team or just want the Colts to win to spite Luck. They play their home games in a dome and do you think they are worried about going on the road after their star player got booed during a preseason game because he wanted to spend more time with his family?

Miami Dolphins (500/1)

Obviously, if you have some money you’d rather lose traditionally instead of setting it on fire, you could place a bet on the Miami Dolphins to win it all. Vegas Insider has the Dolphins as the longest longshot on the board this season at 500/1. No team comes anywhere near the Dolphins. The Cardinals, Giants, Bengals and Washington are all 200/1. It’s embarrassing.

Think about how bad the Detroit Lions and Buffalo Bills are going to be this year. Think about how neither of those franchises has ever won a Super Bowl. Think about how unlikely it is that either of those teams will appear in, let alone win the Super Bowl this (or any) season. Then consider the fact that oddsmakers believe it is five times more likely that one of those teams will win the Super Bowl than the Miami Dolphins. Even Elizabeth Warren doesn’t have a plan to fix the Miami Dolphins.

The funniest part about the Dolphins odds this season is that their home field, Hard Rock Stadium, actually hosts the Super Bowl this season. If the Dolphins are really this bad we may go an entire year without hearing about a team having home-field advantage during the Super Bowl. Bet on the Dolphins, you were going to lose that money anyway.

Two Bonus Favorites

New England Patriots (6/1)

The Patriots have won three of the last five Super Bowls. They still have Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. They always win the Super Bowl. If the Patriots do win the AFC for the fifth time in six seasons, they have a great shot at winning the Super Bowl because the Giants are horrible and they won’t be there to beat them. How are the Patriots not even money to win it all?

Cleveland Browns (18/1)

The Browns are tied for the seventh-best odds to win the Super Bowl. That’s not that much of a longshot, but we are talking about the Cleveland Browns. Yes, they have star power thanks to Odell Beckham Jr. and Baker Mayfield. Yes, they are beginning the season without Hue Jackson as head coach. Yes, they are a sexy pick to have a big year. But they are still the Cleveland Browns. They only won 7 games last year. What could possibly make you think they would suddenly win the Super Bowl? They are the definition of a long shot. Do not bet on the Cleveland Browns to win anything.