Four Nick Sirianni Replacements For the Philadelphia Eagles

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The Philadelphia Eagles started the season 10-1 and looked like the NFL's best team. Then something happened. They lost five of their final six regular season games, then allowed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to dominate them in the Wild Card Round 32-9. That kind of collapse demands answers and head coach Nick Sirianni might not have any.

Sirianni had the Eagles in the Super Bowl last season and has an excellent overall record in three years as the team's head coach. The Eagles are 34-17 on his watch, but cracks have begun to show in his leadership. Pair that with whispers around the league that without departed offensive coordinator Shane Steichen's ability to make adjustments, Sirianni isn't tough to game plan against and you've got a problem.

Sirianni may survive to return in 2024, but if he doesn't, there are plenty of excellent candidates who could take the Eagles to another level. Here's a look at four potential replacements if Philly does opt for a change.

Jim Harbaugh

Man, I can't think of a better fit for Harbaugh. The Eagles have all the pieces he loves to build with: a mobile quarterback, an offensive line geared towards running the ball, two high volume receivers and a defensive front that can get after the quarterback. That's how he built the San Francisco 49ers during his time there and it's exactly what he had at Michigan this season.

If Harbaugh does jump to the NFL, you've got to think the Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys are the two perfect jobs for him. Two NFC East foes battling it out for the hottest coach on the market. That would make a few headlines.

Bill Belichick

Belichick didn't leave the New England Patriots to enter a rebuild, the man wants another shot at a ring. More importantly, he wants a shot at his first title without Tom Brady under center. He has something to prove. The Eagles would have the best roster of the teams available, and are only one year removed from a Super Bowl appearance. Belichick should be racing towards this job.

Like Harbaugh, the Cowboys and Eagles seem like the best fits for Belichick. He'd have no problem dealing with the sky-high expectations that would come with either gig and, as stated above, the building blocks are in place to win big now.

Mike Vrabel

The Tennessee Titans made a big mistake letting Vrabel go and another team is going to be the lucky recipient of a fantastic coach. While Harbaugh and Belichick are the hottest names available, Vrabel might be the best coach. He has the kind of intensity Sirianni lacks and has been able to win with Marcus Mariota and Ryan Tannehill at quarterback. Jalen Hurts would be a massive upgrade.

Despite some massive roster flaws, Vrabel went 54-45 in six seasons with the Titans. That includes a stretch where he went 9-7, 11-5 and 12-5 from 2019 to 2021. He didn't take Tennessee to much playoff success, but in those three seasons he ran into Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson and Joe Burrow in those three years. That's bad luck when you don't have a superstar quarterback to counter those guys. Jalen Hurts would be a massive improvement over the quarterbacks Vrabel has had to coach.

Ben Johnson

From one up-and-comer to another, the Eagles would be dumping Sirianni for another first-time head coach. Johnson is only 37 but what he's done with the Lions' offense is remarkable. In 2022, The Lions were fourth in total offense and in 2023 they bettered that, finishing second while averaging 394.8 yards per game. They were fifth in rushing yards (135.9 per game), second in passing yards (258.9 per game) and fifth in points per game (27.1).

Yes, Johnson would be another young guy learning on the job, but looking around the NFL, he's easily the best available. Pair him with a big-time offensive coordinator -- maybe Dan Quinn if Dallas goes in a different direction -- and he could be the league's next great head coach.