Photoshopped Meme From 'The Simpsons' Has Bettors All Picking the Same Super Bowl Final Score

Matthew Horwood/GettyImages

Thirty-three seasons of The Simpsons has created multiple occurrences where the show is seen as clairvoyant, with the ability to predict certain real-world events. There are two ways to process this. One could notice that the sheer amount of content created would eventually prove to be somewhat predictive and not be much fun at parties. Or one could put their faith in the animated series and being on the level of Miss Cleo. Enough people have chosen the latter with great impact on a Super Bowl LVI prop bet.

Following a tweet from the @NFL_Memes account, bettors believe they have the secret sauce to correctly guessing a final score of Bengals 34, Rams 31. Because The Simpsons apparently did it back in 1992. As of now the tweet has over 85,000 likes.

Darren Rovell reported for Action Network:

FanDuel spokesman Kevin Hennessy said Wednesday that a slew of bettors bet on Cincinnati’s score in the Super Bowl to end up at 34 and the Rams at 31, with a significant number of bettors parlaying the two.

Bengals 34, Rams 31 is now FanDuel’s most-bet exact score prop.

“We have a variety of scores to choose from,” Hennessy said. “This is one, but there are a lot of others. We weren’t originally aware of the meme until we noticed it was being selected.”

It’s also BetMGM’s most popular exact score. The book lowered it from 125-1 to 80-1 because of all the action, MGM trader Darren Darby told The Action Network.

There’s just one issue. The screengrabs are doctored.

What a time to be alive and risking hard-earned money on pure chance. Picking any final score is an incredible long shot anyway so basing it on a fake meme is as responsible as any method.

Neutrals will have no choice but to pull for it to come true now, if only for the chaos and continuation of a narrative.