Sidney Crosby Admits He's Been Wearing Same Jock Strap Since High School


Athletes are a very strange breed. Like that Bud Light commercial about how it’s only weird if it doesn’t work, nearly every athlete has their own set of superstitions that come across as bizarre to most of the population. Most aren’t as extreme as Pedro Cerrano’s voodoo in Major League, but there are definitely some odd ones.

Mark Sidney Crosby down in that category. The superstar appeared on Barstool Sports’ Spittin Chiclets podcast and admitted that he’s been wearing the same jock strap since high school.

Gotta be honest, that is some vile stuff. I’m all for superstition playing a big part in sports (it’s way more fun), but there has to be some serious health concerns to wearing the same piece of equipment since high school. To do the math, most Midget teams have an age minimum of 15. Crosby is currently 32. A cool 17 years of a singular jock strap.

I’ll leave all equipment jokes to you funny sorts online, but it’s this kind of dedication and a certain amount of crazy that get you to the professional level. Don’t take notes, kids.