Shaq And Charles Barkley Couldn't Stop Laughing on 'Inside the NBA'


The Inside the NBA crew was in rare form Wednesday night as they attempted to break down the two NBA playoff games from the evening. I say attempted, because two of them couldn't speak due to uncontrolled laughter. Of course, it was Shaquille O'Neal and Charles Barkley. And it was hilarious.

As Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith actually attempted to analyze the Golden State Warriors' 121-106 win over the Los Angeles Lakers, Shaq and Barkley couldn't keep it together. Barkley claimed he lost it because O'Neal was crumpling paper while the others were trying to talk, and Shaq said he was laughing because Barkley was. At one point, Shaq was reduced to tears.

Check this out:

Some are saying Shaq and Barkley were laughing at Anthony Davis being removed from the arena on a wheelchair after suffering a head injury during Game 5. But, the two of them lose it on set all the time, so it's not a rare occurrence. I can't say what it was that set them off. The timing was bad, but they crack each other up on pretty much every show.