Shaq and Scottie Pippen Have an Instagram Feud

OREO Chocolate Candy Bar And Shaquille O'Neal Cover The Country In OREO Chocolate Candy Bars To
OREO Chocolate Candy Bar And Shaquille O'Neal Cover The Country In OREO Chocolate Candy Bars To / Marcus Ingram/Getty Images

Shaquille O’Neal posted this image to his Instagram on Monday. Scottie Pippen, one of the Chicago Bulls pictured, responded with a classic #ringz picture.

From there, all Hell broke loose. Or, at least the two Hall of Fame basketball players went back and forth trying to downplay each other’s accomplishments.


Quick, name all the title runs Shaq went on without Kobe or Dwyane Wade. How about Kobe without Shaq or Pau Gasol? Michael without Scottie? Scottie without Michael? Any of those guys without Phil Jackson or Pat Riley. Turns out, it takes at least three people to win a championship. Heck, some title teams have used up to five players at a time during games. (Most recently the ’04 Pistons.)

Anyway, here are the other dumb posts in this exchange. I’d also like to point out that any NBA team beating any other NBA team by 50-points is highly unlikely on any night. And Chicago fans must be very confused why Derrick Rose is in that first image instead of Jimmy Butler.

Man, Shaq sure loves dumb superhero comparisons. Can you imagine if he played today and had to explain which Avenger each of his teammates were? Also, Puffy and Mase is somehow a less contemporary reference than Batman and Robin. (Robin first appeared in the comics in 1940.)

All these shitty photoshops. Is he making them himself, stealing them, or paying someone to make them? This is the kind of thing they should be covering in season 2 of Ballers.

Here’s a picture of Shaq’s foot with some misspelled and presumably misplaced words.

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Now Shaquille O’Neal, employed by Turner to talk about the NBA, insulting a Hall of Famer by calling him a girl. This is good stuff!

Remember how bad a free throw shooter Shaq was?

This was a pretty amazing finish to a game. Not sure what Michael Jordan could have done in that situation.

See? Shaq never played with more than one teammate. Makes his accomplishments all the more impressive. I really hope this is over. I’m still not sure why it started.