Shannon Sharpe Has Already Taken the Patrick Mahomes-Tom Brady Debate Nuclear


You know what's really funny? Just pausing for a few minutes and realizing that there's really no point in comparing and contrasting Patrick Mahomes with Tom Brady because it's essentially doing apples and oranges at this point. Touchdown Tom won seven over his 23 seasons. Patty Ballgame has three in his seven years. Like a Natasha Benningfield song introducing The Hills, the rest is still Unwritten.

There are two things to know. These two belong in the same conversation. But we can't really have it yet. Well, technically, we can have it — as long as everyone involved brings the energy Shannon Sharpe brought to First Take this morning.

Here he is ramping it up to 722 out of 10, pointing an enormous finger in Stephen A. Smith's face, and castigating him for having the unmitigated gall to be less than intellectually consistent across subjects. Some would say it was completely unnecessary while others would say it was completely unnecessary while having a chuckle over it.

To be honest, I didn't follow all of this. It sort of seems like they ironed things out quickly and moved on to something else, which is just absurd considering how loud and combative things were seconds earlier. A white-knuckle ride for anyone brave enough to schedule an oil change or haircut the morning after the Super Bowl only to be blasted in the face with this type of passion.

To anyone in media. Please hydrate and stretch. We may have another 10 years of this Brady-Mahomes business to sort through. Keep a little something in the chamber for when the state of play changes.