Shannon Sharpe Confirms He's Joining 'First Take' With LeBron/Dwyane Wade Meme

Shannon Sharpe and Stephen A. Smith
Shannon Sharpe and Stephen A. Smith / Shannon Sharpe Twitter Account

Last week, the New York Post reported Shannon Sharpe would be joining ESPN's First Take twice a week starting this football season. Stephen A. Smith called the report "premature" but ultimately it ended up correct as Sharpe made it official today by tweeting out a meme of himself and Stephen A. in the epic LeBron/Dwyane Wade photo, replete with ESPN details edited in the background.

It's been a big week for Sharpe as this comes on the heels of the news that his Club Shay Shay podcast was joining Colin Cowherd's podcast network. It took a few months since he left Undisputed but the media personality is now settled into the next stage of his career.

Here's the official on-air announcement from this morning, which also reveals Sharpe's start date.

The interesting stuff will be in the details. Will Sharpe be Smith's lone opponent during the days he's on First Take? How much is this costing ESPN in the wake of a summer of layoffs? When will the inevitable Pat McAfee crossover happen?

We'll see if Sharpe gives the program a ratings boost after last year was very successful in that realm. But we already know that the viral clips will be coming in large doses.