Shane Ray, Potential Top 10 Pick, Reportedly Cited for Marijuana Possession

By Mike Cardillo

Shane Ray, a defensive end from the University of Missouri, was cited for marijuana possession on Monday morning via a report by KTGR’s Brandon Kiley. The arrest report says Ray was arrested with 35 grams or less of marijuana and released.

Jason McIntyre had Ray, the SEC Defensive Player of the Year, going fifth to Washington in his 2015 Mock Draft. A list of other NFL Draft mock drafts on MMQB had Ray among the Top 10 picks.

We’ll have have to see if today’s news acts as a deterrent for teams who are less than three days away from being “on the clock.” Logic makes you think teams wouldn’t exactly be too thrilled about Ray’s judgement.

It would appear more details will be released later on today:

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