Shams Charania Literally Spent 19 Hours Per Day Looking at His Phone Last Week

Someone's parents need to set screen time limits.
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Shams Charania posted a picture to Instagram on Sunday showing his iPhone's weekly screen time report. According to his device, he was looking at his phone for an average of 19 hours and one minute each day. Considering all we know about Shams, it's not that surprising, but it's still shocking to see the real numbers in black and white.

Can you imagine doing that for one day? Let alone seven in a row? Shams sleeps less than a single parent with newborn twins. Maybe the most disturbing part is that his usage was only up 11 percent which means he was on his phone approximately 17 hours a day the week before. What kind of quality of life is this?

The Athletic, Stadium, FanDuel. All these companies and entities with a piece of Shams should have meetings today and ask if this is really worth it. You can't just treat a person like this. I don't care how much money is involved.

4am - Wake up and check various messages, social media accounts, e-mail.

5am - Start pestering players, teams and agents by any means necessary.

6am - Prepare breakfast with one hand.

6:15am - Consume joyless breakfast with one hand while staring at phone.

6:30am - Walk on treadmill while staring at phone.

7:30am - Put phone in plastic bag, shower with phone.

7:45am - Brush teeth while staring at phone.

8am - Set phone down on bed and get dressed while keeping an eye on phone.

8:02am - Pick up phone. Experience a rush of endorphins. Text Damian Lillard to see if he is requesting a trade.

8:03am - Patiently wait for dots.

8:04am - Two straight minutes without dots. He's probably just asleep though. It is 5am in Portland.

8:05am - WHERE ARE THE DOTS? Doesn't he have that dog in him? Does he not care about the grind? Who sleeps past 5am? Is he ignoring me? What if he's on the phone with Woj. That son of a -

Repeat this for approximately 14 more hours before you fall asleep face down on your phone. Don't worry though, eventually it all becomes worth it when you get to tweet that Damian Lillard has requested a trade two minutes before Woj. Sure it was at the exact same time as Chris Haynes, but it's not like anyone is keeping track of that kind of thing anyway.