Shams Charania Tweeted News of Donald Trump's Positive COVID-19 Test Before Anyone Else

Shams Charania
Shams Charania /

Donald Trump has tested positive for COVID-19. That news was confirmed from the man himself late Thursday night when he tweeted that he and the first lady had both contracted the virus. What was even more shocking than the diagnosis was the fact that NBA reporter Shams Charania seems to have tweeted the news out before anyone.

Yes, Charania posted a tweet a few minutes before the major news organizations and political reporters did. Though, as we later found out, he did so seconds after Trump's own tweet. Like much of the big NBA news over the past few years, Shams got there before other reporters.

Man, that guy just gets stuff ahead of everyone, it's uncanny.

Sure, Adrian Wojnarowski scooped Charania on Doc Rivers' deal with the Philadelphia 76ers earlier in the day, but now we know that was because Shams was working on something bigger.

I'm sure there's a story here but it's hilarious that political reporters work their entire lives for news like this and Charania beat them to it.

*This story has been updated to reflect that Charania didn't have a "scoop" he was just the first reporter to tweet the news after Trump announced it.