Shams Charania Dips Toes Into NFL Draft Breaking News Business

Shams breaking some draft news
Shams breaking some draft news /

Just like all of us basketball fans, Shams Charania is bored. So bored, he decided to venture into uncharted waters for himself and break some NFL draft news. It was pretty big, too!

My guy must be REALLY bored to do this. But strange times. I cannot imagine Adrian Wojnarowski will let this sit. My prediction is that we don't get to the 10th pick before Woj dives in with the patented Woj Bomb we've all come to know and love.

Anyway, Miami finally got their guy. Good for them. I wonder if we'll get a follow-up column from Shams on the deal. One can only hope, really.

UPDATE: As it turns out, I was wrong. Woj's revenge has yet to come. However, Shams did do it again with the Jets pick:

UPDATE 2: Cmon, Woj! What are you doing, man!