Shams Charania Was Not Prepared For Kay Adams to Take His Phone


Shams Charania was on Thursday's edition of Up & Adams where he was asked whether he thought Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift's relationship was legitimate. That's the setup that isn't shown in this clip of Kay Adams snatching the phone that is so famously attached to his hand 24 hours a day. While Shams explained that he "loves love" and a "fan of love," Adams grabbed his phone, which clearly left the NBA insider feeling very vulnerable.

You know that part of The Devil Wears Prada where Miranda calls Andy while she's at dinner with her friends and they play keepaway with her phone and she gets really upset about it? That's the game Kay Adams is playing here. If Shams were to miss someone signing a 10-day contract with the Orlando Magic because Adams is trying to tease him, the entire FanDuel empire could crumble.

Some other notes from his appearance, which begins around the 51-minute mark here:
--Shams has never seen Star Wars.

--Shams, Michelle Beadle and Chandler Parsons are going to the Lakers game tonight, but Kay Adams was not invited.

--Shams' hair is immaculate.

--Shams will not share whether or not he has a favorite player, but did like Kobe.

--Shams says Victor Wembanyama *may* have been frustrated he didn't get more touches down the stretch against the Mavericks.