Sepp Blatter Made Another Bad Joke About Women


For whatever the reason, when the FIFA president discusses women, he promptly proceeds to put his foot squarely in his 77-year-old Swiss mouth.

The FIFA executive committee recently increased the number of women on its board from one to three. Today, speaking at the FIFA Congress in Mauritius, Blatter dropped this gem.

Guessing there wasn’t a rimshot inside the room.

Oh right, Blatter even made it a point to say one of the new female executive committee members was, “good-looking” earlier in the week.

Blatter’s most infamous comments about women in soccer came back in 2004 when he made this suggestion to increase popularity in the women’s game:

"“Let the women play in more feminine clothes like they do in volleyball. They could, for example, have tighter shorts.”"

You’d almost have to laugh until you remember Blatter is the guy running FIFA and not some hack comedian. He’ll likely run FIFA for another couple years as he seeks reelection, too.

On the plus side, FIFA did pass a resolution to impose tougher penalties on teams found guilty of racist incidents.