Security Guard Levels Fan on the Field of USC-UCLA Game


We have officially seen the hit of the year in college football and it didn't even come from a player. During Saturday night's fantastic shootout between USC and UCLA, a security guard absolutely laid out a fan who ran on the field. It was an absolutely epic hit.

We're not sure at what point of the game it happened, but a fan ran on the field and appeared to be using his phone to capture the experience on video. As he was running and taping himself, a security guard came at him from his blind side at a dead sprint. Then, wham, contact. The phone went flying and the idiot on the field got up woozy, only to get grabbed by another member of the security detail.

Check this out:

Wow, what a hit. That was perfect execution.

Just to get this out of the way, that was not targeting. The security guard led with his shoulder, and there was no forcible contact to the head or neck area. He will not miss the first half of the next game.

Other than the hit, my favorite part of the video is how the guy's phone just goes flying. It appears he got up to try and retrieve it but was corralled almost instantly.

That security guard was the star of the night.