SEC Coaches Select Aaron Murray as First Team Quarterback, Over Johnny Manziel


Johnny Manziel may be the returning Heisman Trophy winner, but the coaches in the Southeastern Conference do not see him repeating as the best quarterback in the league, let alone the nation. Today, the conference’s coaches voted Aaron Murray as the first team preseason choice, over Johnny Manziel and A.J. McCarron of Alabama, who finished third.

Perhaps they read my piece on how preseason all-conference quarterback selections in the SEC, ACC, and Big XII over the last five years have finished as the selection after the season ended only 20% of the time (and two of those were Tim Tebow). The media went Manziel, so the coaches went Murray.

Then again, maybe they just think that they will stop him, or his off the field activities will. If Manziel wanted some motivation, he’s got it. The coaches only think he is the second best quarterback in the best conference. Disrespect indeed.

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[photo via USA Today Sports Images]