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Seattle Seahawks Have a Touchdown Celebration So Amazing They Can't Even Save It For a Game


The Seattle Seahawks official Twitter account shared this video last night. Just watch and then we’ll talk about it.

First, many people have pointed out on Twitter that this is actually EDM and not techno. So I guess this should have been saved for a Monday.

As for everything else… that’s a lot of happenings. It had to be staged just based on the camera staying with Jimmy Graham as he picked up a large cardboard box and ran across the practice field. Then he set it down right as the beat was about to drop and wide receiver Tanner McEvoy – wearing a jersey that says “Macklemore” on the back – jumped in.

Then Graham, Luke Wilson, Nick Vannett and Eddie Lacy danced around the box in unison pretending to play flutes while McEvoy kind of turned and swayed like a snake or maybe they were all Pied Pipers and that’s how rats dance? Or something about a Jack-in-the-box?

Finally, the dancing breaks down, they jump around, throw the box away and move on with practice. How much planning went into this and will they please recreate this as a touchdown dance? This has to be a potential touchdown celebration. Are boxes banned from celebrations?