Commanders Fans Shocked To Discover Sean Taylor Memorial Isn't an Actual Statue

Atlanta Falcons v Washington Commanders
Atlanta Falcons v Washington Commanders / Greg Fiume/GettyImages

The Washington Commanders unveiled a memorial for Sean Taylor on Sunday, the 15th anniversary of his death. The Commanders had announced they would be unveiling a "permanent memorial installation," which many people mistakenly thought meant would be a statue. If you Google "Sean Taylor statue," it's how just about every outlet covered the news last week. When the memorial was revealed today people were not impressed.

In the Commanders' defense, they never said statue. It's always been a "permanent installation" going all the way back to June. And the full installation includes a mural. The team is wearing patches, Taylor's family is involved, and the franchise is selling limited edition merchandise with all proceeds going to gun violence prevention.

They clearly tried this time. However, this is the Washington Commanders. And the jersey display does look like something that you would see in a clothing store. Fans clearly want Taylor honored and the franchise continues to screw it up time and again. No matter how much time, thought or care they put into it, when you unveil something that has a part that doesn't look like it got any of that, you're going to get called out. Again and again.