Sean Payton Has Grand Plans For Taysom Hill During Drew Brees' Absence

Miami Dolphins v New Orleans Saints
Miami Dolphins v New Orleans Saints / Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Taysom Hill may play quarterback in Drew Brees' absence, not that you will get a straight answer out of Sean Payton about it. During a press conference on Wednesday, Payton said that the team would be preparing for Sunday's game against the Seattle Seahawks with two quarterbacks. One is backup Teddy Bridgewater, the other is Hill.

So who is the starting quarterback? You'll just have to wait to find out because Sean Payton is doing that super-secretive condescending coach thing where he's not going to give anyone a straight answer.

Of course the Saints never had to announce their starting quarterback before a game. They've had a ironman future Hall of Famer under center since 2006. No team with a good quarterback has to announce who their starter is. And no one is going to ask, either. Now that's changed. Somebody's going to go out on the field and take the first offensive snap on Sunday. When that happens we'll know who the starting QB is whether Payton likes it or not.

Hill has done a little of everything in his NFL career. Undrafted as a quarterback out of BYU in 2017, Hill has been a return man, blocked a punt, made 6 career tackles, ran for 2 touchdowns and caught another. He's also thrown the ball a few times, completing 3 of 7 passes last season, but it sounds like we'll see him actually play quarterback now. Unless Payton is really believes in Teddy Bridgewater and he's just trying to keep the Seahawks guessing.

Bridgewater was the 2014 Rookie of the Year in Minnesota and made the 2015 Pro Bowl before suffering a devastating injury during training camp in 2016. He signed with the Saints last season and appeared in 5 games. When Drew Brees went down last week, Bridgewater completed 17 of 30 passes for 165 yards.