Sean Payton Has Tense Exchange With Reporter After Historically Bad Loss to Dolphins

Denver Broncos v Miami Dolphins
Denver Broncos v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

The Denver Broncos got lit up by the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, suffering a historically bad loss, 70-20. Miami became the first NFL team to score 70 points since 1966. After the game, Broncos head coach Sean Payton was not happy and took it out on a reporter who happened to ask about suffering such a bad loss.

Check it out:

Yeah, he's less than happy there, but the remarks from the reporter were completely acceptable. I'm sorry Sean, but when your team gives up more points than anyone in damn near 60 years, you're going to have to take some pain in the postgame presser.

Things don't look great for the Broncos. Russell Wilson is an aging quarterback who isn't the guy they paid for and defensive coordinator Vance Joseph should be fired for his unit's performance on Sunday.

The Dolphins look to have the NFL's best offense, but there is no excuse for Denver giving up 726 yards in a game. Read that number again. Miami averaged 10.2 yards per play. It was unlike anything we've seen in a long time. Payton should save his anger for his defensive unit, not reporters.