A's Sean Murphy Gets Hit By Pitch In His Ned Flanders-esque Butt


Usually, when baseball fans make a Simpsons reference, it has to do with the legendary season three episode, "Homer at the Bat." Last night, Oakland Athletics catcher Sean Murphy reminded fans of season 11's Little Big Mom and the memorable "stupid sexy Flanders" gag.

During the first inning of the A's 13-2 win over the Texas Rangers on Monday night, Murphy took a 0-2 slider to the butt. Instant replay showed Murphy flexing his posterior as he prepared for impact. The Internet did the rest.

In an effort to prove he's more than just a Gold Glove and a great body, the 27-year old hit his first career triple later in the game.

You know what they say - get you a catcher who can do it all.