Sean McDermott Used a Cell Phone During the Bills - Patriots Game

Sean McDermott
Sean McDermott /

The Buffalo Bills took a 7-6 lead into halftime against the New England Patriots. As the teams ran to the locker room, CBS cameras caught Bills coach Sean McDermott using a cellphone, which is against NFL rules. Or maybe it's not since he wasn't technically on the sideline. We'll need a rules expert to weigh in.

It's only fair that we make a big deal about this because if Bill Belichick was the head coach using a phone on his way to the locker room, this would be a talking point on every show tomorrow. We'd be calling it SMARTPHONEGATE by the time the late games started. Roger Goodell would be consulting all the oracles to determine the proper fine and just exactly how many draft picks he could take away before anyone would say something.

So, Sean McDermott, you're officially on notice. This isn't an escape room where they tell you to put your phone in the lockbox and you just don't have to do it. This is the NFL. No Fones 'Lowed.

UPDATE: Pat McAfee thinks he was doing an interview.

UPDATE 2: The Buffalo News confirmed that McDermott was talking to CBS sideline reporter Evan Washburn over the phone because of COVID restrictions.