Seahawks Wide Receiver Room is Now the Epicenter of Abs

DK Metcalf Abs.
DK Metcalf Abs. / Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

The Seahawks got a presumed boost at the wide receiver position when it was announced Josh Gordon had been reinstated by the NFL.

But while the rightful focus will be on Gordon's impact on Seattle's already-potent offense, which features fellow star wide receivers D.K. Metcalf and Tyler Lockett, my immediate reaction was: that's a lot of abs for one room.

In case you don't know, Metcalf is one of the most physically-blessed individuals on planet earth. He's built like a superhero, only his abs aren't painted onto a costume. These puppies are real.

Not to be outdone, "Flash" Gordon has a pretty serious set of abdomen muscles as well.

Combined, these two are bringing a 16 pack to the party.

As for the third amigo, Lockett has never been known as the kind of physical specimen Metcalf and Gordon are. He's listed as 5-10, 182 pounds by the Seahawks and has some cut biceps. As for the abs, below was the best image we could find of them and it comes from last year. The results aren't up to Metcalf-Gordon standards.

Clearly in shape, clearly strong, not a member of the Ab Bros.

Anyway, the football should be fun to watch and, if nothing else, maybe Metcalf and Gordon will engage in a crunch contest in their driveway like Terrell Owens.