Seahawks, Texans Reportedly Agree to Deal For Jadeveon Clowney [UPDATE]


One of this summer’s holdout situations may be coming to an end quite soon. The Seattle Seahawks and Houston Texans have reportedly agreed to a deal that would send Jadeveon Clowney to Seattle, pending physicals, as reported by Jay Glazer.

Reports swirled earlier in the week that Clowney would eventually end up in Miami one way or another, but it seems those reports never came to fruition. Seattle always made the most sense out of the rumored destinations for Clowney; they need someone to replace Frank Clark’s production after they traded him to Kansas City, and had the draft capital to get a deal done.

Whether or not Seattle plans to give Clowney a big deal remains to be seen. They did sign Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner to big extensions over the offseason, and while Clowney is quite good, he’s not making or breaking their championship hopes, now or in the future. His fit isn’t in question, however.

Albert Breer reports the Seahawks are sending a third-round pick and some defensive players for Clowney. Overall, a disappointing return for a former first overall pick, but at this point the Texans needed to take what they can get.

UPDATE: Ian Rapoport has the final terms of the deal.