Dan Orlovsky: Seahawks Should Consider Trading Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson / Abbie Parr/GettyImages

After Russell Wilson's public dispute with the Seattle Seahawks last offseason was followed by a disappointing year without a playoff appearance, there was some level of assumption that we'd hear more about Wilson's discontent and perhaps some trade rumors. It turns out that was not the case. It's still the early days of the 2022 offseason and a lot can happen. But there hasn't been a whisper out of Wilson's camp or Seattle's that he wants out. At the NFL Combine this week, Pete Carroll said the Seahawks have "no intention" of trading their star quarterback.

Dan Orlovsky thinks they should, though. Or at least entertain the notion. He made the argument on Get Up this morning.

As Orlovsky notes, the initial reaction to any suggestion of moving on from Wilson is understandably filled with doubt. Wilson is a top-10 quarterback most weeks. Seattle might not be very good right now but they'd be demonstrably worse without Wilson there to pull a few wins out of his pocket, as we saw when they had to start Geno Smith for a stretch of last season following the first significant injury of Wilson's career. Sending him out for picks with no clear replacement under center isn't exactly a quick-start rebuild, either.

But the three other teams in Seattle's division went to the postseason. One won the Super Bowl and another made it to the NFCCG. Even the Cardinals, who petered out in the Wild Card round, have significantly more talent to boast than the Seahawks. The most damning aspect of the above clip is the fact from ESPN stat guru Paul Hembekides that only three of Seattle's last 52 draft picks have made the Pro Bowl. That is a problem because it is not that hard to make a Pro Bowl as an alternate considering how many elite players decline to attend. That's how bad the draft has been for the organization recently.

The roster does need an influx of talent badly and the team wouldn't suddenly be good even if they nailed all of their picks in this upcoming draft. Wilson's injury last year muddles things, though. It still isn't completely certain that the Seahawks can't win with this version of their team. Nobody thinks they're Super Bowl contenders by any means, but Wilson is good enough on his best days to see a deep playoff run if things break exactly right.

Seattle probably won't blow it up. But Orlovsky makes a strong argument that they should. If they agree, Wilson will be gone by the draft. A lot can change in the next month and a half.