Jamal Adams is Not Helping the Seattle Seahawks

Jamal Adams sacked Jared Goff twice.
Jamal Adams sacked Jared Goff twice. / Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks are now 0-2 since getting Jamal Adams back in their lineup after a 6-1 start. On Sunday, they lost to the Los Angeles Rams by seven points. Adams left the game in the first quarter to be evaluated, but returned and finished the game, sacking Jared Goff twice. Not bad considering he was playing with a bum shoulder. Of course, he also had a great view of Malcolm Brown's third quarter touchdown.

You could make an argument that Adams wasn't able to get his helmet in there and make a play because Robert Woods had a hold of his arm, but anyone who doesn't like Adams (Hello, Jets fans.) will say Adams made a conscious decision. After the game, both he and Pete Carroll talked about Adams' courageous play through the pain.

(Excuse the video. Though the random reporter briefly becoming the featured Zoom camera was a nice reminder of our current situation.)

The problems with Seattle's defense are obviously more complicated than just Jamal Adams, who leads the team in sacks (5.5) despite missing four games. Seattle has the fifth-worst scoring defense in the league and has surrendered the most yards in the NFL. Jamal Adams maybe not going all out with a bad shoulder to think about might not be their biggest problem. It's just their most easy to identify.