Screengrab of Cam Newton's Super Bowl Fumble is Worth 1,000 Words


When Von Miller stripped Cam Newton late in the 4th quarter of a 1-score Super Bowl game, this is what things looked like. Only one Carolina lineman saw the fumble. The rest of them had their back to the play. All of the Broncos defenders saw it.

I know the game is two days old, and the football season is over, and I should get past this. But I can’t. Not yet.

How did Cam Newton not jump on this ball? And what’s even worse is he literally jumps back from the fumble with the game on the line. Radio hosts blasted Newton, because that’s what they do.

An offensive lineman defended Cam, saying the ball was at his feet:

A Seahawks rookie – note: Cam Newton beat Seattle twice last season – called the Panthers QB a bitch, and went the extra mile to put his video in slow motion:

An ESPN writer attempted to bring the human brain into defending why Cam Newton didn’t jump on a fumble with the game on the line:

The lengths to which folks are going to defend Cam Newton is, quite frankly, amazing. It’s apparently not acceptable to say: Cam Newton was the MVP and had a tremendous season, but his decision not to dive for this fumble probably cost his team the game, and then, in meeting with the media afterward, couldn’t take the heat despite being the most vociferous, braggadocios QBs all season.

One last time: The defining moment of the Super Bowl. See you in six months, football.